Photographs of 6,000 Miles // part ii

The second half of our travels were spent driving through parts of the United States that made me feel like I was in the world of a science fiction novel. The colors of the rocks, dirt, and water across the midwest were intense and mesmerizing. Many times I was left breathless and wishing I had more time to explore these natural wonderlands. Even in the various places I had been before, I was still overcome with awe to witness each golden hour and sunset creating art across the landscapes.

Spending a week in Ohio back in my childhood home made me appreciate the comfort and love my parents had made for me there. I spent my last morning in our country home walking through the house and yard feeling so bittersweet to be leaving once again. Knowing my parent's plans and desire to move it felt odd that it could be my last time in that home I grew up in, bringing about a strange mix of nostalgia and inspiration to continue moving forward. 

I am so excited (and a bit nervous) to begin my Masters and I plan to keep this blog updated with my travels, stories and work from my postgraduate year abroad. For now please enjoy the photos below from across the midwest including: Zion National Park; Salt Lake City; Yellowstone National Park; Mount Rushmore; Crazy Horse; The Badlands National Park; Chardon, Ohio and New York City. To enlarge a specific photo simply click on the image and from there you can continue to scroll through the entire gallery.